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Merry Christmas

I wanted to quickly wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It’s this time of year that helps me reground what is truly important in this life. I hope you all get to spend this week with your loved ones, and I wish you and yours a happy new year in 2013! The boys second that:


Random Dog Gathering

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Photo 2012-12-20 09.58.14 PM

Quick blog update! As the year winds down my team at work decided to give back then celebrate. The morning was filled with volunteering at a senior citizen home that specialized in disabilities. It was a wonderful morning and I got to play in a drum circle with all the residents!! How cool is that?!

Afterward my team had lunch at the Tobacco Company. After parking my car just down the block, I passed a cute little corgie! “Why didn’t I bring my camera?!” I shouted to the sky. The owner was confused and scared, I don’t blame her. I continue onward, upset and pass another dog. Then another…. then another… At this point I just want to go home and cry that I wasn’t prepared.

I turn the corner and BAM a huge dog gathering. I wasn’t sure what it was for, but I couldn’t resist stealing a few doggie hugs. My iPhone camera isn’t my first choice, but I had to capture it. So adorbes!

Photo 2012-12-20 09.58.07 PM

The food at Tobacco was great. Unfortunately I just got my braces put on last week so I couldn’t eat any solids yet, but the super fancy chicken soup was delish and I had my fair share of KeyLime pie after. The Guinness helped too ;)

Lesson Learned: ALWAYS bring your camera EVERYWHERE

White Elephant with a Snow-Puppy

Where did the “white elephant” come from? Did people really gift people large white mammals or is this some sort of telephone game gone haywire through the centuries. It’s a blend somewhere between the two actually.

The white elephant comes from a story about the Kings of Siam. They would trade/gift white elephants. They’re rare and valuable, but they’re cost outweighs the benefits (outweighs, get it?). I had my first experience with a white elephant this weekend which was a combo pot-luck! yum!


I decided to bring Dexter along. Jack was being a meany all day so I decided he deserved some alone time with the cat. I put Dexter’s snowman outfit on, baked some beer bread (it’s vegetarian Liz!), and jumped out of the house once my friend Jordan headed back to Ohio. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention by best friend from Ohio came over this weekend!)

There was a ton of food, and luckily my teeth have calmed down from the braces I got last week. I still couldn’t eat some of the crunchier goodies, but I had my fair share of 6-layer dip, cheese ball, and buckeyes!


The boys watched football and the girls talked while we waited for everyone to show up. The weather this weekend was ridiculously fantastic given it’s a week until Christmas. The balcony was slanted, but since I’m no engineer I considered it safe.

The view definitely made me jealous of the city life. Being able to walk to a friends house, or to a bar, or just around is something that I miss about college. I’m happy with suburban life 90% of the time so I’m happy I’m there, but trips into the Fan make me wish I could afford two homes ;)


The White Elephant went really well. I ended up not taking too many shots of the gifts because many of them were R-rated, but there were some cute gifts scattered amongst the herd. The most stolen were lotto scratch offs, followed closely by the Rock-um-Sock-um Robots!! I walked away with a tiny dart gun (I’m sure the dogs will LOVE that) and a day calendar of “Damn You Autocorrect.” That’ll definitely make 2013 a little funnier!

Now that I know the concept of the White Elephant, and some extra history I didn’t need, I feel more prepared for next year. I haven’t decided on if I want to get a gift that’ll be stolen a bunch or a gift that will cause a lot of laughter. Maybe there’s a both? All I know is I still have Christmas shopping to do and I have a week left. #WhyamItheWorst?

Cheesy Christmas Photo Cards

‘Tis the Season!

Oh my. I get to photo little cuties often, but this was a uniquely fun experience. Some of my friends decided on making Christmas cards and it was a fantastically awkward experience. I’m not sure what qualified me to be their photographer, but I’m happy I had the opportunity.

I wasn’t up to speed on awkward family photos, but the two hours provided a lot of brainstorming and experimentation. I still think a pant-less photo would have been great, but it’s not my card. *Shrug* Nothing says Christmas season like gingerbread boxers.

I’m hoping this job (which was free) will open doors for more projects like this. I had a really fun time and learned a bit more about Photography in the process!

Moustaches are for Everyone

Hardywood Web Banner 926 x 154_0

You may be shocked to hear, but I’m not dead. I also didn’t win the $550 M powerball lottery. So where has Conor been?! Well I unfortunately haven’t been meeting too many dogs. The winter season and I don’t mesh well. I’m also not looking forward to sitting at an outdoor cafe and hailing down people to yell “HEY lemme take photos of your dog while you stand there cold!”

Okay, enough negativity! Since my dog posts will be limited while its chilly, what about posts about lip-warmers? It’s, well was, Movember. This is a month where people who shouldn’t have nose caterpillars, grow their very own best friend. It’s a chia pet but much more embarrassing. To celebrate the short life of my adolescent stache, a few people gathered at Hardywood Brewery to send them off in style.


Luckily my friend Alex was kind enough to be the DD, so I was allowed to drink the pain away of losing my ginger soup strainer. After the Hardywood event, we got ourselves over to the VMFA for the wine happy hour. Now, most of my friends go to this often but this was first and actually my first time at the VMFA in general!

It was splendid. The hot dog, pizza, and bottle of wine was another great way to start the night off. As we kept moving from place to place, bar to bar, I was able to quickly forget about my soon-to-be cherub face and just concentrate on the fun of the night. Did I make some PLDs (poor life decisions), yes. Do I care, yes. I’m absolutely ashamed.


Porter & Murder Improv

I’ve known Porter for a while now. His human is a friend of mine from work, who I actually work right next to now! Porter is energy in it’s most concentrated form. I always thought terriers like my own are the craziest, but Porter may take the cake. We’ll have to schedule a puppy-play-date for the three of them and see who tires first. My money is on Dexter, then Jack, THEN Porter. That is, IF he ever tires.

As a general rule, I don’t do dog photos at night. They have such gorgeous ey 5a8 es that are hidden behind flash-glare, but I haven’t seen Portster in a while and it just happened to be night-time. What are you gonna do? *Shrug*

Earlier this week, iHeartVeggies and I went to another RVAComedy show. This one was a completely improvised murder movie show, complete with live music AND special effects! We decided to sit in the front row because we’re intelligent people and ended up leaving the theatre with some blood on us. Oh well, splash zones are fun for a reason. I forgot to mention that I won free tickets to the show from RVA Magazine! Lucky me and Liz!

After the show, Liz and I had some serious conversations about what we are going to enroll in. We had been planning on taking Hip Hop classes soon and getting bootylicious dance moves. However, I think the needle has tilted slightly to the Improv Comedy classes. RVA Comedy actually has classes and we may be enrolling sooner than I thought. Slainte!

Improv may help me get more comfortable walking up to completely random dog-owners and being, “ZOMG Can I Take A phOToz Of yourDOGZ!?!” That’s how I approach the situations currently, so there’s probably nowhere 21f0 to go but up…

Cleaning Bryan Park

Little known fact: Richmond’s Azalea Garden was once voted the most beautiful garden in America. Opened in 1952, the Garden had become ignored over the years and fell to a bad state. About 15 years ago, volunteers have taken up revitalizing the once, country-recognized park. I was lucky enough to volunteer doing just this last Friday with my coworkers. Although the flowers are gone for the year, I cannot wait to revisit the park in the Spring to see our hard work in bloom. NBC 12 has some photos of the park in bloom as a hint of what is to welcome me. I recommend visiting in mid-April! Bring the pups!

While I was there I saw this awesome bumper sticker! Although I don’t personally put any stickers on my car,  I put TONS of stickers elsewhere (like my work laptop, which I get stares for…). Feel free to send me dog-related stickers for my Birthday!!

After the cleaning event, which I got poison ivy from, a couple guys and I went to play played Frisbee golf and I watched at the course there in Bryan Park. I took some iPhone shots of the area. It is absolutely gorgeous even now with nothing in bloom. I cannot wait to revisit next year, and I hope to see you all there as well!

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